design features

  • Double Wall
    Vacuum Sealed
  • 18/8
    Stainless Steel
  • Zero
    ultra coat

real people sharing their PARGO love

Love my Pargo products! My 2nd Pargo purchase- the coffee cup does not disappoint! Love the outback red colour, anti scratch & coffee stays hot for hours! Definitely recommend both the cup & the bottle!


My favourite cup ever. I have two of these babies and they are the best!
I love how they look and my coffee stays hot for hours, no matter what. Super easy to clean and the cup doesn't affect the taste of the drinks. 100% recommend to anyone looking for a reusable cup.


Does not disappoint! I purchased this water bottle about 2 weeks ago and have used it every day since. I’m on the go a lot for work and am not a fan of drinking water unless it’s cold. This water bottle has been AMAZING. I fill it up in the morning, throw in a few large ice cubes and off I go. I’ve left it in the car for hours in the sun and when I’ve opened the lid the ice cubes are still pretty much full still. I highly recommend, definitely worth the money!


The Bottle that keeps on giving! This bottles keeps your water at an enjoyable drinking temperature on the hottest summer day, and it also helps provides clean drinking water to people in need. It's the bottle that keeps on giving! I love it!! - Highly recommend, whether for you, your family or as a present for a friend - let's make plastic bottles a thing of the past!


The best bundle. This drinkware is the best that money can buy and cheap too. A coffee stays hot all day and water cold all night. It’s unbelievable how well they work!! Good work Pargo!


We put giving first.
Every PARGO sold, provides people in need access to clean water