5% of sales funds clean water access to people in need

Project #16 - The PARGO Team Return to Sumbawa, Indonesia

After last years success and immense need in the area we have re-visited Sumbawa, Indonesia for another amazing Clean Water Project.
Over the past week in collaboration with Harapan Project and Waves for Water we have implemented

200 gravity fed 0.1 micron filtration systems in 4 villages and 5 schools.

Firstly we gather the community and ask one of the locals to collect water in preparation for the filtration demonstration.

The water in these areas is unsafe to drink and the cost of purchasing bottled water is an impossible reach for these beautiful humans.

Then we complete the filtration demonstration, showing the dirty water becoming clean and explaining how it will stop the constant diarrhoea and stomach pains.

Below: Co-Founder Ellie and Sales Agent Leston drinking the filtered water

Once the demonstration is complete we share clean water. A PARGO team member will always drink the filtered water first to show it is safe, then we offer it to the community.

These moments are so special to be apart of, everyone is so amazed and grateful.

Above: Co-Founder Dylan Backwashing the Filter

We teach the community how important it is to backwash and clean their filters daily. Then we distribute the filtration systems and build them together.

Now they have a filter that will be able to provide clean drinking water for years to come.

We are so grateful for everybody who has purchased a PARGO in-store or online as 5% of our sales directly fund the implementation of these filters to those in need.

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