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Project #12 - Sumbawa, Indonesia

📍 Sumbawa, Indonesia 

We have recently completed our 12th Clean Water Project in Sumbawa Indonesia. Over one week the PARGO team visited 3 different villages. Connecting with the locals, looking at their current water source and living conditions. The water in this area is pumped into the well from the local river. Their water storing systems have no protection from bugs and insects, causing waterborne diseases and bacteria build-up.

Carlos from the Harapan Project helped us gather and translate the importance of the Sawyer Filtration System, explaining how it will stop the constant diarrhoea and upset stomachs caused by contaminated drinking water.

We wouldn't have been able to complete this project without the Harapan Project. We are so grateful for everything Carlos and his team do for the communities in Sumbawa. 

It was so special to have part of the PARGO team on the ground helping us with this Clean Water Project.

We then shared water together for the first time. The people were so amazed and grateful for these life-changing devices they had never seen before. Instantly becoming part of daily life, preventing many health issues that they have had to deal with their entire lives.

Thank you to everyone who has purchased a PARGO, without YOU these implementations would not be possible. 

Please watch our 3 part video series on our instagram @project_pargo and help us share the good word. 

Every PARGO purchase provides people in need access to clean water


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