5% of sales funds clean water access to people in need

Project #15 - Awinyo, Oruo, Northern Uganda


We recently collaborated with Love Mercy Foundation for Clean Water Project #15 drilling a new well for Awinyo Oruo, a remote, rural town in Northern Uganda.
Awinyo, Oruo is a 2-hour + trip from the main town of Lira with approximately 7 people residing in each household. 
This community has suffered extreme drought and also flooding. They have received minimal support due to their remote location.
Some of the community members had never seen or accessed clean water before. Relying on ever-changing rain patterns for their swamp-like water source that also had to be shared with livestock. 

There was a community celebration at the well when the first water was pumped, with the women dancing in the well and enjoying the feeling of rushing water for the first time. 
The community is incredibly excited with 1,400 individuals accessing the well.
This was only made possible due to your PARGO purchases and we are so grateful for everybody who has supported the journey so far. Without you this would not be possible!

Please watch the video on our Instagram from Awinyo, Oruo to see the impact your PARGO purchase has made. 



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