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Project #14 Part One - Lombok, Indonesia


We've just completed our 14th Clean Water Project, this time in Lombok, INDONESIA.

The goal as always - is to help as many people in need gain access to clean water. We visited four locations, consisting of 3 schools and a remote village. Changing the lives of 3740 individuals.


Day One, we made our way to the first high school. 

We were greeted with such a warm welcome from the students, who then joined us for our filter demonstration. We explained the importance of clean water and how the sawyer filtration system provides an instant solution.

We then gathered the class leaders, to help build the filters, which we implemented into all 70 classrooms, providing 2000 students with clean water, meaning higher class attendance and a healthier life. 

Please watch our Daily Video Series on the ground in Lombok, Indonesia 


Day Two, we traveled to Mapassan, a remote farming village where unfortunately due to long drought periods, there was almost no water access at all.  

We have provided funds to drill a new well to bring back clean water to this community. 

The well took 40 days to drill, through hard ground and lots of stone we finally reached the spring water. 


We then pumped water from the well into a large water tank we installed on top of the platform to allow gravity to bring water to the community. It was such a special moment when we got to turn the tap on. 

It’s amazing to know they don't need to truck in water anymore!


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