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Project #14 PART TWO - Lombok, Indonesia

PART TWO of our 14th Clean Water Project, in Lombok, INDONESIA.

The goal as always - is to help as many people in need gain access to clean water. We visited four locations, consisting of 3 schools and a remote village.

Changing the lives of 3740 individuals.


Day Three, we visited the KENTAWANG elementary school.

We introduced ourselves and started with a good old game of Limbo! The kids were buzzing with a visit from some fresh faces!


We then demonstrated the filter systems and explained the importance of clean water and hygiene. Everybody got to try the filtered water before we organised the teachers to assemble the systems and learn how to backwash them.

This ensures the success of every implementation. They were so thankful and excited to now have safe drinking water at school.



Please watch our Daily Video Series on the ground in Lombok, Indonesia 



Day Four, we visited our last school for the project, this time a boarding school.

We were greeted with the most beautiful parade from the students, including performances from the drum band and karate leaders - WATCH HERE


The students and teachers gathered for the filter demonstration, we had one student collect water from their current source which was quite brown from mud buildup, they were all so amazed seeing this water being instantly filtered and become clear from bacteria and dirt.

We then had everyone form groups to build the water filtration systems. Each filter is now placed in each classroom providing the students with clean drinking water. 


Thank you to everyone who has previously and recently purchased a PARGO product. Without you, these projects are not made possible.