5% of every sale funds clean water to people in need

Project #5 in Brookes Point Palawan, Phillipines

Project PARGO Clean Water Project #5 took us into the mountains of Brooke’s Point, home to Palaw’ans, an ethnic group that primarily engages in subsistence rice farming, and hunting-gather practices. 


People in the community standing and filling their water filters and Project PARGO buckets


These villages normally take a day's hike from the lowlands meaning the communities have little to no access to healthcare, basic education and no access to clean water. Communities are primarily relying on untreated water sources including streams, rivers and springs - which has been identified as the root cause of many illnesses.



Due to the remoteness of their location we collaborated with Waves for Water,  PAMAS (Philippine Adventist Medical Aviation Services) and the Helicopter Outreach Project to cover four communities in two days. This would have normally taken at least one week to hike. 



We were able to provide clean water access to 4 remote communities, spanning 152 households in Brooke’s Point, Southern Palawan. 
As usual, we couldn’t have done it without the help from our community so thank you to everyone who has purchased their sustainable PARGO. Every PARGO purchase provides someone in need access to clean water. 
Drink it Forward.