5% of sales funds clean water access to people in need

Project #7 - San Antonio and San Agustin Silangan, Philippines


Man in Indonesia loading sustainable clean water filters onto boat

For PARGO Clean Water Project #7 the PARGO team returned to Isla Verde on a monitoring trip for the communities served in Project #4.
Isla Verde is an island that was hit severely during the Typhoon Quinta in 2020, destroying homes and fishing boats all whilst navigating the worst part of the Pandemic. 


Community in Phillipines for the PARGO Clean Water project


Waves for Water ran this project on the ground as Australia was in isolation with the borders shut. When news got out about their return, requests were received for the same project from nearby communities. 


Project PARGO clean water filters, there are 20 filters in the image

We were able to expand the impact there to two more communities,
San Antonio and San Agustin Siangan with an additional 2,070 individuals gaining access to clean water. Both communities were relying on untreated springs and groundwater (via hand pumps) for their water needs.


We are incredibly proud and grateful for our community and everyone who has purchased a sustainable PARGO as now 4,670 individuals in the Isla Verde community have access to clean water. 
Every PARGO purchase provides people in need access to clean water.