5% of sales funds clean water access to people in need

Co-Brand with us!


Do you have an event, conference or branded gifting coming up?
Why not go a little further! Let's make a positive social impact together.
We can customize our products with your logo or preferred artwork to suit your company or event! We have a few premium options for you to consider. 
Why are PARGO cups or bottles different?
With every purchase, Project PARGO provides a person in need CLEAN WATER for 5+ years
We will, document & measure the impact your company has directly provided. Supplying, photo evidence, video documentation & an impact report for you to share with your clients & community. 
Still not sold?
Our premium products are simple, stylish & keep drinks seriously hot/cold for hours. Designed to suit all your clients, staff & guests. 
Let's do this?
We would love for you to get on board with us, please contact us at sales@projectpargo.com