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PARGO Reusable Water Bottles


For many decades, the use of plastic has contributed to the massive pollution issue worldwide. Plastic water bottles are cheap and convenient. They are available everywhere, and you can dispose of them quickly. However, single-use plastics like water bottles end up in landfills and oceans that harm the environment. In addition, plastics are made-up of chemicals that release toxins when coming in contact with water; as a result, it also endangers our health and especially that of our sea life and much more. Because of this, many people are beginning to shift to reusable water bottles to minimize single-use plastics and be more sustainable in the long term.
The PARGO reusable water bottles are a premium hydration system you can take with you wherever you go. The convenient double-wall insulation of PARGO water bottles keep cold drinks cold up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours. In addition, PARGO uses pro-grade stainless steel for zero taste transfers and has zero condensation, so your hands won’t feel hot or cold whilst holding them. Furthermore, the wide mouth of the bottles makes it easy to clean and leaves no unwanted smells behind. Additionally, the PARGO ultra-coat has a nice matte finish, making it a stylish accessory.



Reusable Water Bottles Available at Project PARGO

The PARGO reusable water bottles come in three sizes and are available in several colours.

  • 1890ml Insulated Growler - This is the largest hydration station of PARGO yet. It is ideal for long days outside, especially at the beach or when camping. It is durable and easy to carry, plus you can keep on refilling it.
  • 950ml Insulated water bottle - It is the lightest and toughest reusable water bottle of its kind. This vessel is perfect for keeping you hydrated without weighing you down.
  • 750ml Insulated water bottle - This water bottle is perfect for a short stroll outside. The slim and slender design fit cup holders and is easy for children to hold as well.


All PARGO products are BPA and toxic-free, thus safe for drinking. In addition, Project PARGO aims for sustainability as plastic pollution rises. With every reusable water bottle, we cut down the plastic wastes. Project PARGO is also the first Australian drinkware company that gives back to the community by partnering with Waves for Water to provide access to clean water globally. Each product sold provides a person in need access to clean water through the Sawyer water filtration system that can last for five years or longer. We can significantly counter the harsh effects of plastic in our environment through one reusable water bottle at a time.

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  • Hello Lovely Team

    Too often we receive complaints, so I just wanted to jump on and send you a message to let you know how much I love your brand. For a while now, my sons have been asking me to purchase them one of your water bottles and I’ve finally been able to save up and purchased them one.

    The quality of your products are impeccable.
    I love how durable they are and they’re so stinking cute! Thanking you for delivering on a quality product that aligns so well with my values on sustainability.



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