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PARGO Insulated Coffee Cup: Easy to Use, Easy to Clean and Loves to Travel




People drink coffee more than any beverage in the world. Most people agree that a cup of coffee is a great way to start your day, and in fact any time of the day to keep you alert and focused. Insulated coffee cups are the best way to keep your coffee or drinks hot or cold for hours. They are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to keep with you throughout your day. Whenever you want a hot or cold drink, grab your PARGO insulated coffee cup and you are on your way.


Premium Insulated Coffee Cup 

PARGO insulated coffee cups are premium insulated drinkware, owing to the fact they are made of the highest, pro-grade stainless steel for no rust and no taste transfer from one drink to another; zero condensation and double-wall vacuum seal to keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. This also ensures that the outside of the carry cup isn’t too hot or too cold. Your hot drinks like coffee and tea stay hot for up to 6 hours; whilst your cold drinks like juice, water and beer stay cool for up to 10 hours. Additionally, the PARGO ultra-coat has a smooth texture and is scratch-resistant, so is designed to be carried with you without worrying about any damage as you move through your day.
PARGO insulated coffee cups are simplistic in design, and high on functionality. The cups fit nicely with any car holder, and the lid comes with a press-down crystal clear, shatterproof locking feature for easy opening and closing. The ergonomic design of the lid base is secure so no risk of leak or spillage whilst holding the cup. Cleaning the cup is very accessible because of its wide opening. The cup cleans perfectly with a gentle soap solution and a bottle brush to remove any stains. However, avoid putting them in the dishwasher as the high temperature and detergent may damage or leave marks on the cup.
PARGO insulated coffee cups come in two sizes; large (12oz) and small (8oz), and they come in various attractive colours as well. They even come with a friendly fill measurement line for your barista. All PARGO products are guaranteed BPA and are toxic-free.


Project PARGO

PARGO is not just another company making tough and stylish insulated coffee cups. It is the first Australian owned and operated drinkware company committed to bridging global communities with clean accessible water. Through Project PARGO, every product you purchase provides funds to implement clean water filters. Project PARGO partners with Waves for Water organization which provides the ‘Sawyer water filtration system’, the highest filtration rate available to help transform lives in communities without access to clean water.

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