750mL Hydration Bundle
750mL Hydration Bundle
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750mL Hydration Bundle

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Simple Design, Brilliant Features

Built to take you beyond,
Keeping you hydrated or (caffeinated) day in day out.

18/8 Stainless Steel

Durable, Toxic Free & Zero taste transfer from one drink to another.

Double Wall

Keeping drinks SERIOUSLY hot or cold for hours.

Zero Condensation

Hot or cold, you’ll never feel what’s inside.

PARGO ultra coat

A pleasure to hold. Scratch resistant, matte finish.

watch the video
to see PARGO in action

Every PARGO changes lives.

Beach life!
I have had a lot of good quality insulted water bottles before hit NOTHING even comes close to my Pargo! I love it! It’s so perfect for the beach! I can leave it in the sun all day and come back to a refreshing cold drink!!


Pargo mugs are the best
These mugs are the best mugs out, they are that good i buy one for everyone of my familys birthday so they can all. experience a good mug for a good deed too. Ive had mine for a year now and havnt put it in the dishwasher once its that easy to clean. Keel up the good work guys!


The Bottle that keeps on giving!
This bottles keeps your water at an enjoyable drinking temperature on the hottest summer day, and it also helps provides clean drinking water to people in need. It's the bottle that keeps on giving! I love it!! - Highly recommend, whether for you, your family or as a present for a friend - let's make plastic bottles a thing of the past!


Pargo cup for the win
This little cup does not disappoint. My tea always went cold on the 40min drive to work and now it's too hot to drink unless I add cold water. The cup is lightweight, so easy to drink out of and a brilliant colour. I have already recommend it to others. Spend the money, drink hit beverages where ever you go and support clean water as you do it.


This is a brilliant cup, easy to handle, wash and keeps liquids hot or cold- great design. I’ve used a lot of other ‘leading brands’ and this by far is the best. And the clean water scheme just adds to our level of satisfaction. Thanks pargo.

Laurence L.

Great bottle
I use mine for work, my water stays cold all day. Great bottle and well made. Plus I am supporting the availability of water filters in developing countries.

Geoff C

The best insulated bottle!
Love the wide opening of this bottle. Water stays cold for HOURS! Easy clean & scratch resistant. Would definitely recommend this bottle & Pargo coffee cup.


The best water bottle I have ever owned! Left in my hot car and the water is still icy cold at the end of the day! Perfect for the beach, and holds a large volume of water. Couldn’t recommend it more! Easy to carry around, simple design but everything you could want, and more - you’re changing lives at the same time! Win, win, win! If you haven’t purchased one yet, you’re missing out!


I’m so in love with this drink bottle. It’s of such high quality and such an ace and easy to use design

Amy Thyer


What is Project PARGO?+

We design and build tough, functional and stylish insulated drinkware that keeps your beverages SERIOUSLY Hot or Cold for Hours. With every product, Project PARGO will provide a person in need access to clean water for 5+ years.

How do we give?+

Every time you purchase a product we take a portion of the money spent and put it aside. When we have accumulated enough sales to buy a sufficient amount of water filters viable to arrange a water giving trip overseas, we go ahead & purchase the filters from Waves for Water. We Project PARGO will travel to remote poverty-stricken parts of the world, implement and teach this incredibly simple and effective filtration solution.

What are the bottles and cups made from?+

All of our premium insulated drinkware is made from pro grade 18/8 stainless steel, electropolished to prevent flavours from staining and lingering in your product. We designed the PARGO’s to be super easy & quick to clean. They are the highest quality on the market and completely free from toxins. Our cup lids are shatterproof and made from crystal clear triton, a toxic-free material. Our bottle lids are made from BPA free PU and have a TPU handle.

Keeping you hydrated or (caffeinated) day in day out.


Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
My fav water bottle (and I've tried a lot!)

I bought the pink coral 750ml bottle with the straw lid and it is AMAZING. I found Pargo through a Google search after I was super disappointed with a previous water bottle from a very expensive well known brand. I won't name names, I'll just say it rhymes with Grank Freen. I was hesitant to spend more money, fearing more disappointment. But let me tell you - Project Pargo is worth every cent. First of all, it does what it's intended to do - hold water without leaking and damaging the contents of your bag (so many other brands fail at this). Keeps your water SUPER cold for ages even when it sits in your car in the middle of a QLD summer where the heat is exactly like Satan's den. Also, I'm sorry, but if you like room temperature water then I don't trust you. Yuk. I'd rather drink sand. Ice cold or nothing baby. It looks so cute and heaps prettier in person. The super convenient handle means you won't be dropping it everywhere, and the matte finish makes it easy to hold - not slippery at all. The straw lid is SO easy to clean, and very hygienic. I've seen some rank ones out there where you have to touch the mouth piece to open it. Or it touches everything it comes into contact with when it's in your bag. Eww. With the Pargo straw lid it's not like that at all. You can also open it one-handed which is exactly what I need for when I drive. Speaking of car, it fits perfectly in the car cup holder! Huge tick! Now on top of all that, buying it means you're supporting a worthy cause! So, if you're like me and have a husband/wife/partner who has a big whinge about you spending more than $10 at Coles, then tell them to mind their own business, because you're a Saint (a hydrated Saint at that), and you're busy saving lives thank you very much. After you purchase a Pargo, go and chuck all your previous reusable water bottles in the bin immediately because you won't be needing them. Or if you don't want it to go to land fill, I don't know, shove it in your garden and grow herbs out of it, that might work - it'll grow herbs better than it'll hold water, probably. Eleventy billion out of 10 would recommend Pargo. And no, I'm not a bot. And also no, I'm not paid to write this. I just genuinely believe this company has nailed it and everyone needs to know about it.

Suits my lifestyle perfectlt!

I'm working full time and face a 30 to 40 minute drive to work each day. I'e got hubby well trained in that he makes me a coffee which I take in the car for the journey. Alas with previous travel cups they just do NOT keep it hot for more than 10 - 15 minutes. Enter PARGO! It's hot when I leave home and not only is it hot when I arrive at work - I usually take it to my desk and it remains hot for much longer. Last week I tried something else. Feeling tired in the afternoon - I made a decaf coffee to have in the car on the homeward journey and it did the trick...kept me awake. Thanks Pargo for not only a great practical travel coffee cup but for supporting that fantastic water project to give clean water to underprivalaged countries.

Just bought out 10th bottle

Bought the new sports straw - still great but doesn’t hold cold for as long as the origional!

We are a family of 5 and all use them - love them and by far the best bottles on market 🤙

Sarah Hamilton
Wish I bought it earlier!

I’ve got so many drink bottles. I’ve wasted lots of dollars over the years. But this one ticks all the boxes and affordable! From work, gym, beach and everything in between. Pargo is your must need drink bottle. I wish I bought it sooner.

Amber P
Love it!!

Got 2 colours of the 950mL straw lid drink bottle. Love them, they feel so secure and sleek. Love the straw, lid and the handle. Love the project and the idea. Wish there were more colours!